Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner 3.1.6

Excellent free duplicate remover

Duplicate Cleaner is a free duplicate file remover that just seems to get better with age. View full description


  • Attractive, usable interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Image preview window
  • Lots of wizards for removal and selection
  • Various removal options


  • None so far


Duplicate Cleaner is a free duplicate file remover that just seems to get better with age.

What marks Duplicate Cleaner out for greatness is that apart from being free and attractively designed, it's supremely easy to use while retaining considerable file management power. The main interface is divided into 2 - Search Criteria and Duplicate Files. Specify what you want the app to look for in the first, and deal with the results in the second.

Filtering options are often what make duplicate cleaning a little complicated, but you won't have that problem with Duplicate Cleaner. The options are self-explanatory and clearly displayed, and in the top menu bar you'll find a Selection Assistant that lets you get even more specific. The Duplicate Cleaner scan is fast and presents you with a concise summary of what it has found.

One you can see what's duplicated, you'll find it really easy to deal with them. Right click on individual entries to get more information or perform batch actions, or go through them manually if there aren't many. And don't make the mistake of thinking that you can only erase duplicates - use the File Removal tool and you'll be able to move, rename or hardlink the files too.

One of Duplicate Cleaner's earlier problems was that it had an annoying nag screen and it didn't look too snazzy. These days, however, we can definitely say that Duplicate Cleaner has remedied both these issues and is now one of the best duplicate removers out there - if you have problems with doubled-up files, download it asap!

Duplicate files? Download Duplicate Cleaner and you can safely bid them goodbye!


  • Support for six more languages added
  • List Marked count bugfix
  • Will now run in Windows 2000, though audio-tag reading is disabled
  • Error loading column widths fixed
  • When Moving/Copying file it will rename upon collision rather than overwriting
  • Fixed missing localisation 'Include/Exclude'
  • Engine update - Faster scanning of large datasets
  • Fixed 'Overflow' issue during scanning of large datasets

Find and delete duplicate files, pictures, documents and music.

Search and delete duplicate files, images and music from your disc drive or network with Duplicate Cleaner Pro. Find similar images (resized, rotated, flipped, edited). Easily see if you have duplicate folders. Search inside zip files, and across drives and networks. Fast and easy to use.

A unique duplicate folder view - instantly see where you have exact or similar copies of folders. The ability to find similar images, whether edited, rotated, or resized. You can also compare directories or drives, finding whether they share duplicates between them. Duplicate Cleaner will also scan insize Zip files, and read audio tags.

Anyone who wants to sort out their document, music or picture collection, and free up disk space.

Duplicate Cleaner


Duplicate Cleaner 3.1.6

User reviews about Duplicate Cleaner

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    "Waste of time."

    I copied 2 files with different names in the same folder and the tool failed to identify them. It also crashes often..   More.

  • LeeW

    by LeeW


    On my home PC I use 750 and 500 gig external HDs where I stored every kind of file type imaginable, word docs, pdf, a...   More.

  • prakaas89

    by prakaas89

    "Have used better ones out there"

    It never worked for me.......... The application can detect the duplicate files, that`s about it........... no recomm...   More.